Welcome to 2019!

I am feeling particularly revitalized about this year. Maybe that is because we go through 7 year cycles and I am coming out of a particularly demanding seven years. Astrological charts even tell us we have ended a period of purging, leaving behind pain, anger, fear, limitations and doubt. Maybe that is why I was feeling so stuck last year!

Now we are coming into a period of awakening with fast moving forward motion into strength, clarity, forgiveness, insights and breakthroughs. 2019 truly is about revitalization! Thank you to the Elephant Journal for your insights.

Not only am I revitalizing my brands - Tosca Reno™ and Eat Clean™ - but I am revitalizing myself. I will be turning 60 this year and by the time that happens I will be a grandmother twice over. I’m feeling blessed by these new little lives and also because I plan to be one [email protected]$$ grandma!

This year, the one that has just been granted to me, must be a remarkable one, not to be taken for granted. My goal has always been to leave a legacy. For me. For my children. For my grandchildren and for others whom I touch with my work.

Some thoughts on that …

I can’t stay the same, nor am I the same. I have changed in response to the challenges of the past years. I turned those difficulties into opportunities to learn. In every obstacle lives a lesson, that’s where the opportunities hide. I like being different than I was. I like having risen to the challenges. I like knowing I took some hits from life and survived. I like I knowing I will thrive. I like knowing I will remain the strong and resilient person I have always been, but I’ve acquired new skills along the way so look out! I will prevail, over anything. Anything!

I don’t want more stuff. I’ve been purging. A lot. And it feels amazing. All that stuff, especially other people’s stuff was weighing me down. I felt like the poor, proverbial pig in high school biology class, when we first learned how to do a dissection. First of all, yuck! And secondly, pinned down. One quick way to shed weight - emotional weight - is to shed stuff. Get rid of what isn’t serving you. Must I really keep Bob’s lederhosen from another lifetime? I think not. And the broken plate from a long lost friend - can it go? Yes! and yes! Gone!

Now for my fridge! Dairy you’ve been hurting my tummy. I’m over you. Out you go. Chocolate sauce from a seasonal party, long past its consume by date, you’re gone too. I’m tearing my fridge apart, cleaning it out and filling it only with clean foods. I like to indulge in the party season but now it’s time to stop. I feel one thousand times lighter already.

Unfettered by the energy of things past, I can finally see straight into my future.

Watch what happens over the next several months as I revitalize my business, my website, my offerings and myself. I am going to rise as I’ve never risen before and for your information, you’re invited. It’s always more fun with a community.

Happy New Year! Happy New Life! Happy New You!

Joy and abundance to you and yours.

Abundance is everywhere … believe it and it is yours.

Love and light,

Tosca Reno