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New Year? New You! Make the most of 2018!

Resolution keeping made easy with my Winter Juice Cleanse and Fitness Guide programs—that's 3 eBooks and over 7 weeks of content for only $119.95!

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Make the most of your fitness goals!

Resolution keeping made easy with my Juice Cleanse and Fitness Guide programs—that's 3 eBooks and over 7 weeks of content for only $119.95!


Prepare your body with the Eat-Clean Diet® Winter Juice Cleanse and my exclusive FitCommit and FitBoost Fitness Guides!

This power-packed, results-proven combo is a winner.


Cleanse + Fitness Combo Pack

FitCommitFitBoost, and my all-new Winter Juice Cleanse is ready for you! They provide:

  •     Menu plans (7 weeks of menus!) 
  •     Delicious and wildly healthy Eat Clean® recipes
  •     Training plans (6 weeks of exercise!)
  •     A detoxification program (pounds slip away)
  •     Motivation & inspiration from myself & Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND
  •     Support through Facebook 
  •     Success stories (you can become one of these!)
  •     PLUS -- FREE 30-day fitness and nutrition tracker!

Most of you just want "The Plan" to help you look better and feel fabulous again. It is possible. It has happened to me and countless thousands through my Eat Clean® programs.



Cleanse + 1 Fitness Program

My all-new Winter Juice Cleanse + FitCommit or FitBoost:



Winter Juice Cleanse







Chelsea B. wrote:

“Still in shock! The 10 pounds I have always wanted to lose have disappeared through Ms. Reno’s FitCommit program. There was never any guesswork. Just a structured plan to get healthy and lean.  I’m doing all three this time!”

Chelsea isn’t the only one who achieved success.

Marion F. wrote:

“I’m in the midst of divorce. I was so drained and down on myself, I couldn’t see straight. But when I looked in the mirror and saw the mess I had become, I got mad. I took action and Bought FitCommit and FitBoost together, and used those 6 weeks to give myself a health and fitness tune-up. Now I feel great. Just great! Thank you, Tosca!”