Life Continues

Thank you for your patience with me regarding the most recent events in my life. It has felt oddly quiet for me not communicating with you in my usual way. Even something as simple as making bread and sharing that recipe with you felt out of place, at least for a bit, hence my lack of blog efforts. But life must continue and with that I want to share what happened on my trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia this past weekend. I travelled there with my daughter Rachel to participate in the opening of the Funkhouser Women's Center for Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg. This treatment centre was born out of need and love as its' very being came from a desire to give women a beautiful place in which to both be diagnosed and cared for with cancer. Much else occurs here including heart health care and men will be treated here, too.

The building is nearly as beautiful as the people of this small town in the Shenandoah Valley. Rachel and I were swept away by the hospitality, warmth and genuine character of these strong people. Throughout the three days there I can tell you I received much needed healing. I haven't felt peace in a long time. Learning difficult truths about your situation whether it is cancer, loss of a loved one, bankruptcy or anything else is exhausting work. Having your friends and trusted staff turn your back on you and make up horrible lies makes it sting all the more. All of that disappeared this past weekend and I now have a greater strength to move forward trusting that everything will work out in the end.

Strong women like Deb, Kay, Jan, Teresa, Meg, Kristina, Lisa and many more showed me the way though I think they hoped I would show them the way. And, yes, I did my thing teaching about my passions - Eating Clean and training - but being in their presence helped me, too. So I send a huge thank you from Rachel and I to the women of Harrisonburg, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, the Funkhouser Women's Center and the RMH Wellness Center. We are all the better for having met you.

From this experience I have renewed hope that a silver lining will prevail. The glimmers of it are on the horizon. Stay tuned.

I am always listening, Tosca

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