I grew up in a strict Dutch, Roman Catholic household where cleanliness is right up there with being a good girl and you know who.  When I was a kid, before I even thought about going to school, my mother would make my sister and I tidy up the bedrooms (all of them, not just ours), dust and sweep and only then would I consider what I might wear to school.  When my mom was having a bad day, cleaning the house was her salve... look out!! And so it is for me.  I clean when I am upset.  I haven't stopped cleaning for about three weeks!  Every nook and corner of my place is now spotless, even the garage.  I even went so far as to clean out all the garbage cans!  And while I have been at it, I decided to clean out closets and then of course cupboards and finally my fridge.  Cleaning anything for me does what it did for my mother - "get her ya-yas out."  Look it up.  It's a word for lots of things as well as a Rolling Stones cover, but in our house it means to get your bad energy out.

It was always a joke when the rubber gloves, bleach and pail came out.  Something was going to get cleaned biiiiig time.  We joked that my mother had shares in Clorox bleach she used so much of it.  I use microfiber cleaning cloths as a more eco-friendly option and manage to clean everything in sight with a bit of water and those wonderful cloths. I also vacuum, a lot, a lot, a lot.  It makes things neat and tidy and I work up a sweat while I tear a strip off of our floors and carpets all while listening to Miley Cyrus' latest "We Can't Stop".

I also clean toilets, sinks, dog poop, rotten potatoes and anything else in my path.  I don't have a team of folks doing it for me.  My sister has been helping me lately, too - she's like the Energizer Bunny.  Both of us run around like crazy people whipping the house into shape.  When it is all done, I put a big stock pot on the stove and clean out my fridge.  Everything goes in the pan and pretty soon I have the makings of a killer soup on the boil.  Then the fridge gets a serious cleaning.  I just use white vinegar and more eco-friendly cloths.  How gross does a fridge get from all of those vegetables??  Pretty slimy and gross!

Cleaning makes me feel like things are in control even when they aren't.  At least I can process some of my thoughts while I terminate dirt in my house.

I am always listening (and cleaning), Tosca