Exercise - It's How I Get My Best Ideas!

One of my favourite movies (and that of my daughters, too) is "The First Wives Club" (Paramount Pictures).  There is so much humour in it from Goldie Hawn's over-blown Botox lips to Bette Midler's outrageous revenge-getting efforts. But one of the lines that seems most applicable right now is from a scene when Goldie is on the stair climber working hard to keep that gorgeous body in shape.  She says "Ah! I love to climb! It burns off the booze, plus it's where I get my best ideas ..."  Well, I am not a boozer but I know what she means.  The gym has a powerful draw for me as I endeavour to move ahead and while I sweat I think and heal rebuilding my body and my mind. There is no denying the direct connection between body and brain particularly when it comes to health.  Two powerful reads - The Brain that Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge and Spark, The Revolutionary Science About Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey, MD - will change your mind forever about why you should get off the couch and get your @$$ into gear.  I knew this but once when I depended on the gym to make my first metamorphosis from frumpy, fat housewife to Oxygen columnist and multi-cover girl, but now I know it again.  I am convinced my dedication to training has helped me recover from the many obstacles I have faced in the last three years beginning with the loss of my stepson Braden, Bob's cancer and now bankruptcy.  Some days my head feels like it will explode and my heart will stop beating.  I am depressed, moody and anxious.  I begin to reach for my age-old fat foods - ice cream, peanut butter and cheese - and then I make a detour starting in my brain and give myself a stern talking to.  I say "Tosca, stop what you are doing!  You will feel terrible after eating all the $&!t and you will be fat, grumpy and sick.  Get yourself into the gym! Now!!!"

So I strap on my running shoes, some gym clothes and look myself in the eye (in the mirror) and get to it.  If I am feeling a little lost about where to start with my training, which happens some times, I head to my mini trampoline (the Cellercizer) and begin with 15 minutes of craziness to the beat of some equally crazy music.  Within as little as 5 minutes the grumpiness disappears and I am beginning to feel, well, alive, slightly peppier and even, dare I admit it, happier.  I swear you can't be grumpy on the trampoline.  With a dripping forehead I then begin my proper training with weights, rubber bands, kettlebells and medicine balls.  My body thinks it is getting fit, and it i,s but what is really happening is my brain is getting fit, too.  It's all pumped up with energy & firing neurons.  From this comes the really good ideas.  These then become the answers to questions like "What should I do next?  What will I keep the same?  What will I get rid of?  What can I do to take this Eat-Clean/Tosca Reno thing to the next level?"

Forty minutes later I am thoroughly stimulated, exercised and energized.  I sip my protein drink and begin to write .....

You tell me.  What should the next chapter look like?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

I'm always listening, Tosca Reno