"The process of cleaning, making something dirty better, always has a positive result even if the work is challenging." How I sparkle and shine best is in my kitchen. What I love to do is take whole, living, unprocessed foods, touch them with love, herbs and seasonings and put together a meal that you will never forget. The process of creating such foods nurtures me more than just the nutrients themselves, it fills me with purpose until I am vibrating from the joy of it. My head and my heart go into food preparation because I love to do it. While I am making food I think about the people who will come together at my table, even my online community, and enjoy the food together. It makes me happy to think about what I am doing that way. Fresh, whole ingredients are the only foods I would ever consider serving you as they are the most powerful tool you and I have to make ourselves well. Food is more powerful than medicine if you consider that nutrition is necessary to build you and I and medicine is only needed when we break down. When your nutrition is sound you are sound. Your mind, your heart and your body are built of the most valuable resources including minerals, fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate and more. With all that going for you there is an unstoppable energy radiating from you.

If you came into my Kitchen you would be greeted by bowls of fresh fruits, ripening tomatoes, jars of soaking nuts and seeds, kefir fermenting happily in the sun and a dozen smells that would tickle your nose. I would probably be in the middle of whizzing something up in my blender or chopping something in my food processor. A happy combination of pots, pans and people would be the sight that would confront you. A cup of cucumber/mint tea or an intensely flavoured espresso with coconut milk would be handed to you and you would soon find yourself in the middle of my food preparation experience with or without my wonderful daughters and their friends. Where there is good food there is a community and where there is a community there is love.

In the warmth of my kitchen I am able to fend off negativity. Here is where the healing happens.

Tell me about your table.

I am always listening, Tosca