This beautiful story of crazy love feels a lot like my own story.  Girl meets boy - Tosca meets Bob - girl triumphs and finds a new stage for herself.  But as life would have it hardship inserts itself in the way of death (two in my case) and bankruptcy.  Life didn't go according to my ideal plan.  Facing it all, complete with my own flaws and a persistent attitude of hope, I find triumph and ultimately the silver linings of my own playbook. This then is the Silver Linings Playbook of my life.  I announce today that I have successfully found a new business partner for my beloved brands OxygenClean Eating and MuscleMag.  They are Cruz Bay Publishing, a long standing publishing entity with a passion for health and fitness.  Based out of the United States Cruz Bay/AIM has a clear direction for this exciting new partnership.  I now invite you to read the press release. We have a bright new future we are embarking upon together.  You will continue to see my name in Oxygen and Clean Eating as I will contribute to these magazines as I always have.

Throughout all of this YOU, you my friends, have been my rock not only for myself but for my beautiful daughters who have struggled mightily to make sense of so much darkness that has been visited upon us.  I am deeply grateful to you and hope we can continue to dance together long into our fit futures.

Thank You, Tosca Reno