The Eat-Clean Diet changed everything about me, from how I looked and felt, to how I live my life today. And yet I realized that even I started at a very different place when I took the first few steps towards weight loss forever.  Some of the most challenging moves towards health are made with the simplest of steps and that is why I wrote The Start Here Diet, which will release on December 31st, 2013. At book signings and events I would meet people clutching their Eat-Clean Diet books wishing out loud for results now, but feeling very far away indeed from that goal.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized the Eat-Clean Diet book was not the next book they needed.  What they really wanted was a book that helped them begin - to simply start to make changes.  That book had to feel like the perfect tool for them and them alone.

Using three simple steps with zero intimidation factor, The Start Here Diet is that very tool.

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Step 1: Dive Inward. Identify your emotional triggers for overeating, the self-defeating “self-talk,” and the underlying reason why you really want to shed the pounds. I have put some of my own journal entries in The Start Here Diet.

Step 2: Uncover Your Hidden Foods. Do you have a food you think you just can’t live without? Or something you eat mindlessly and often? These are your “hidden foods” and they are sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight and keep it off.  I identified for myself what those foods were so I know you can do it, too. Peanut butter anyone?

Part 3: Move a Little! The Start Here plan doesn’t require you to join a gym or do lengthy daily workouts. Simply choose from a list of fifty basic movements to strengthen, tone, and improve your health. These are exercises you can fit into the rhythm of your busy life. Moving a little for even fifteen minutes a day will help reshape your body and put you on a path to weight-loss success.

Everyone needs to start somewhere.  Start here!

Love and hugs as you get started, Tosca Reno

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