I like you. I really, really like you and so I have created a little something just for you because, well, I really, really like you. Read on to find out what I'm talking about. I spent two days in New York recently recording not only my brand new book, The Start Here Diet, as an audio book but an audio clip where I chat candidly about what you can expect from it. First let me say, I really enjoyed the process of making an audio book. Most of you spend untold hours in a car or commuting from place to place, just as I do. An audio book is as essential as lip gloss and a latte while you are on your way so I am happy to be able to offer The Start Here Diet to you this way.

After I finished recording the book there was a suggestion to do an audio clip, too. This could serve as a gift for those of you who order your book early - pre-order, as they say, before December 31st, 2013. Minutes later the audio clip recording was underway. I had a lot of fun with this process and I think you will hear that in my voice. You will also hear passion. I get very passionate!! While I read into the microphone I closed my eyes and imagined you sitting there with me.[highlight color="eg. yellow, black"] My vision included us having a lively discussion about our troubles, goals and questions relating to getting your life back by getting your body back. We were even having coffee together.[/highlight]

The reason I wrote this book is because so many of us struggle with these issues robbing us of our lives, our purpose. I have been in those shoes - lost, unhappy, overweight and unwell. In my experience, no cookie tastes as good as being overweight feels. This book is for those of you or someone you know and love who needs the gentle, un-intimidating approach to getting yourself back on track, someone who wants to give up the cookies right now! It's the place to start.

[highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Pre-order the book to receive your FREE audio clip—instructions are below.[/highlight]

Start Here! I am always listening. Tosca

Instructions Order a copy of my new book THE START HERE DIET and I'll email you a FREE audio clip - a special message from me to you. Just send your dated receipt as proof of purchase to [email protected]:8888 before 12/31/13.

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This offer ends on December 30, 2013 and your email with proof of purchase must be received by that date. Limit one audio file per customer. Must be 18 or older to participate. Not valid with any other offers. Multiple requests will not be honored. Reproduction, sale, or purchase of this offer is prohibited. Penguin Random House reserves the right to reject any proofs or forms not deemed genuine. Offer valid to United States and Canada residents.