Recently I was asked to provide an answer to the question, "What does it mean to live right?"  The question was posed by the Canadian Liver Foundation as I have recently been nominated for a LIVERight Award. It is appropriate for many reasons not the least of which, in my opinion, is that living right has become far more difficult, for different reasons, in our modern times.  I gave my answer plenty of thought and I now share it with you. [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]After you read it, please share your own answer to what it means to Live Right.[/highlight]


Living Right is more than just following a few principles and doing them well.  We all know examples of people in our personal repertoire who have done exactly that, eaten well, exercised and maintained reasonably good health, only to find that wasn't enough.  My own husband was one of those examples.  Having followed the principles of Eating Clean, which we developed together, and being an advocate of and an icon in the bodybuilding industry, he looked amazing, possessing a trim and lean physique until well into his seventies.  Seemingly he was in excellent health.  And yet he succumbed to lung cancer just the same.  He was diagnosed in January of 2012 and passed away 3 short months later.

Perhaps it is not enough to simply eat well and move the body.  There is a certain, je ne sais quois that must accompany our efforts.  I believe  to complete human wellness it is essential for us to guide our principles with clear hearts and minds.  Emotional turmoil if not dealt with will deal with you and likely not in a good way.  It is not enough to be well intentioned with regard to health.  We must daily strive to open our hearts, give gratitude, face challenge, live purposefully and admit when it is all just too much.  Along with being active in these aspects of our lives, we must also know when to admit that we need rest.  To turn off for a little while and then to turn inward and care for the soul.

Further to this we now know how important it is to maintain brain health.  The brain needs to be exercised just as our skeletal muscles do.  The more we train our muscles the stronger they are, a situation mimicked in the brain.  The more we exercise our grey matter the stronger, smarter and more resilient it remains.

Living Right is a combination of all of these elements and with God's genetic blessing perhaps we will outwit our shelf life for a few days or years so that we may lay down our very best gifts with good intentions for leaving our planet a better place as a result.

Please share your thoughts about Living Right.  I can't wait to hear them.

Love, Tosca

P.S. I'll keep you posted on my LIVERight Award ;)

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