Publishers Weekly: The Review Is In!

Publishers Weekly recently reviewed The Start Here Diet book and this is what they had to say.....


The Start Here Diet: Three Simple Steps That Helped Me Transition from Fat to Slim... for Life Tosca Reno, with Billie Fitzpatrick. Ballantine, $25 (272p) ISBN 978-0-345-54801-6

Motivational speaker and weight-loss specialist Reno, author of the Eat-Clean Diet series, returns with a laid-back weight-loss plan that can be utilized by anyone—whether the goal is to drop 10, 20, 30, or even 100 pounds. The secret, says Reno, is a three-prong plan that explores the emotional component of weight gain and loss and identifies what’s behind it (“diving inward”); recognizes and removes “hidden foods,” or the one, two, or three foodstuffs that have particularly promoted your weight gain and sabotaged diet efforts; and increases physical activity just by “moving a little,” even if that means spending a quick 15 minutes washing your car windows or doing leg lifts while sitting on the couch. In addition to providing practical tools for implementing this plan, Reno offers suggestions for how to maintain a clear head and emotional balance through journaling; utilize both real-life and online support systems; rethink grocery lists; and choose the exercises you’ll stick with and enjoy. The book includes day-by-day and week-by-week plans for meals and “workouts,” and easy-to-prepare recipes, but, in keeping with Reno’s “baby step” approach, all can be tailored to one’s personal needs. Reno, who lost 75 pounds after age 40 on this plan, promises a pragmatic program and she delivers. Agent: Yfat Reiss Gendell, Foundry Literary + Media. (Dec.)

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