I became better acquainted with my liver and that of the many guests and fellow nominees at the 2013 LIVERight Gala for the Canadian Liver Foundation, held in Toronto, Ontario. To that end I was mindful of consuming too much alcohol because everybody knows excess liquor is not good for the liver! However, I also learned that fatty liver disease accounts for a significant proportion of illness, especially today in the face of ever increasing rates of overweight and obesity. It appears our liver can't handle the excess we are throwing at it. With that I realized that Eating Clean is more appropriate than ever. I want my liver to be able to function and function it will if in good health. FYI the liver performs some 500 functions every single day! And I thought I was a multi-tasker! When I suggested that you start every day with a big glass of water infused with a shot of lemon juice, it was to help detox your lovely, three-pound liver. Go on! Drink up! When I recommend eating greens, lean proteins and all that other good-for-you nutrient dense food, it is for the care and maintenance of your cute little liver.

All joking aside, your liver is a truly wonderful organ capable of something no other organ in the body can do - it can regenerate itself. If you have at least 20% healthy liver tissue the organ will grow new tissue and become functional.

Being nominated along with the other stellar names was honor enough but to then be completely surprised by winning the award was purely over the top good news.

Taking home the LIVERight award makes me proud to be a representative of Living Right and (shameless plug) Eating Clean.

Hello Liver! Hello good health.

Love and hugs,

Tosca Reno

P.S. How cool is it that the award is shaped like part of the liver!