Happy Thanksgiving

Hello My Friends, I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and, in a rare event not ever to occur in our lifetime again or for another 4000 years, a HAPPY HANUKKAH as well to those celebrating.   There is much to be joyful and grateful for during this time.  I must say, I have never felt so close and so in awe of these amazing times as now.

To give these events my own celebratory fanfare, I drove to Michigan with my mother where we were invited by my brother and his family to share in their festivities.  Ann Arbor is a lovely town in Northern Michigan where we also spent last Thanksgiving.  We plan to undertake some of the same activities as we did last year including a Turkey Trot & Hanukkah Hustle followed by a Thanksgiving brunch and then dinner at my brother's house.  If last year's dinner of smoked turkey, cranberry sauce and more is any indication of what is to come, I can't wait!!

I will be posting pictures of the activities as they occur so stay tuned.

Otherwise, love and gratitude to you all!

Love, Tosca

P.S. If you haven't selected your Thanksgiving recipes yet please check out the recipes I used from my Canadian Thanksgiving.

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