Give Day 3: Giving Tuesday - Canadian Liver Foundation

Today is Giving Tuesday, and what a perfect opportunity for me to embrace the Giving spirit, especially since it is Day 3 of 25 Days of Giving. On November 8th, 2013 I had the honor of being awarded the LiveRight award by the Canadian Liver Foundation. As such, today I have chosen my #GivingTuesday donation to be received by the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Our livers are absolutely crucial for the health and happiness of our bodies. While sometimes the damage to the liver is self-induced by poor diet and lifestyle choices, oftentimes people are born without properly functioning livers to begin with. Your donation today will fund research to help those in need of healthy livers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours in the Giving Spirit, Tosca Reno

P.S. Lots more Giving to come as the month goes on... Stay tuned for donation ideas, recipes, giveaways, and more.