Give Day 7: One-Day Food Prep

Today is the 7th day of 25 Days of Giving & I am very happy to have one of our amazing Eat-Clean Diet® Ambassadors joining us - Chelle Stafford. She is here to share her ideas for making the holiday time a little easier on us all with quick & easy recipe ideas. Be sure visit Chelle on her WebsiteBlogFacebook, and Twitter accounts to get even more lifestyle tips. Thanks for joining us today, Chelle. Time is the most precious gift we have to give. Last year, my friend and fellow Eat-Clean Diet® Ambassador, Tracey Weaver and I shared with you an idea of how to give Time to friends and loved ones. This holiday season, consider giving Saved Time as a gift. It won’t cost you anything, and utilizes time you’re already spending – but can save hours for a loved one. How? Shared one-day food prep.

We’re all so busy, aren’t we? Many of us have come to depend on a single-day prep routine to help us stay organized and Eating Clean. But many haven’t – and don’t know where to start. You can offer to share your prep time with another. Sit down with a busy loved one and build a menu and a grocery list for the coming week (double the ease by prepping the same foods/recipes). Go to the grocery, gather your supplies, then return home. And prep. Together. Not only are you sharing a vital skill and time-saving routine, but you’re spending an extended length of time together. By sharing your prep time and methods, you’ve given your dear one the gift of Saved Time… no need to rush home from work and wonder what to put on the table, no slaving over a hot oven instead of spending time with family, no rushing to the store midweek because of a forgotten recipe ingredient. Your gift has prevented those stresses! Teaching, sharing, cooking, visiting… it’s an easy way to spread the love (and the ease of the Eat-Clean lifestyle!). Here’s a simple recipe that can be used in multiple ways throughout the week…

Salsa Chicken

Servings: 8 4-oz servings


2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast*

1 16-oz jar salsa, any flavor**


Place chicken in slow-cooker, top with half the jar of salsa. Cover and cook until chicken easily shreds (about 4 hours on low).

Remove chicken to a large bowl and using two forks, shred the meat. Stir in the remaining salsa. Store refrigerated up to a week.

What can you do with that chicken? Here are some tasty (and clean) menu ideas…

Shredded chicken lettuce wraps!

Break open a head of your favorite lettuce, fill with re-heated Salsa Chicken.

Add-ins: black beans, cottage cheese or shredded cheese or avocado, plain greek yogurt, hot sauce.

Shredded chicken salad! Mix up your greens, then add 4 oz of Salsa Chicken. Blend 2 Tbsp salsa with ¼ cup plain greek yogurt to create a kicking dressing! Add-ins: sliced olives, sliced onion, jicama, black beans, avocado.

Stuffed Potato!

Bake a potato (white, red, or sweet). Split it open and fill with 4 oz re-heated Salsa Chicken. Top with plain greek yogurt, spring onions, olives, avocado.


Sprinkle your clean tortilla with 2 Tbsp cheese, spread out 4 oz of Salsa Chicken. Fold over, and dry cook in a skillet, flipping after the bottom becomes golden crispy. Add-ins: olives, onion, tomato, jalapeño, peppers, black beans. Use the salsa/yogurt dressing above for a dipping sauce.

*Seek out chicken that is all natural – no antibiotics, no hormones, no added salt.

**Look for all natural, low sodium, low sugar.

Come join me in my kitchen! We’ll chat while we cook and enjoy our time together. When you leave for home, you’ll have all your Clean Eating foods ready for the whole week! Visit me here for more One-Day Food Prep guidelines & recipes.