Give Day 17: Top 5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Everywhere everyone is offering holiday tips to stay out of trouble.  Well aren't the holidays about getting into a bit of trouble?  I hope so.  I intend to enjoy my wine, Christmas stollen bread and turkey dinner with gusto.  The season of celebration brings that out in me. But I do want to keep you out of the ditch!  LOL!  Here are my fun tips, sent with love hugs and a big fat holiday kiss.

1. Eat before you shop or party!  That's a rule in my house because when the levels drop we girls get hangry.  Eat a small meal of greens and protein and you will be good to go, then you won't have to deal with 4 or more hungry/cranky people.  I love you my daughters!!

2. Forget about forgetting!  You do need to eat and I mean it.  Skipping is for jump ropers not for Clean Eaters.  Eat breakfast and then have a meal every 3 hours and you will stay calm, cool and collected in your LBD (little black dress).

3. Water, water everywhere!  The minute you reach for a coffee or a caffeinated beverage or well, alcohol (and you will) fill the other hand with a tall glass of cool - water!!  Hydration makes you feel and look better, all dewy and pretty.  Look at you glow girl!

4. Don't want to eat what's on the menu?  Bring your own.  I do it all the time.  My favourite bring along dish is Festive Kale Salad and Marinated Baked Chicken.  Super easy and always clean.  Your host will love your contribution too. Mwah!!

5. Squeeze, and I mean, squeeze in a workout even if you only have 15 minutes.  Moving your body is magic for your mind, attitude and @$$.  Everybody knows how much I like to squeeze tightly toned glutes (all in fun people, all in fun) but don't renege on getting your butt into gear.

Okay, over and out but radiate love all around you. Sparkle and shine,

Tosca Reno