Give Day 22: Humane Society Donations

Thank you very much to our glowing Eat-Clean Diet® Ambassadors, Shirley & Joe, for sharing their wonderful holiday ideas with us today. It's all too often that we hear stories about the forgotten animals in this world. Animals hold a very special place in my heart - my family loves our two dogs Davidson and Maggie (who was rescued from the SPCA), but we know there are lots of animals out there who are less fortunate. Shirley & Joe remind us this year ways we can give back to the animal community. Visit Shirley and Joe on their Facebook page where they talk about Eating Clean at any age.  Giving Back to the Humane Society Christmas is that special time of year when we think about family, friends and reflect on the events, joys, successes and sadness we have shared. It is also a time for giving, love and recognizing how truly blessed we are. One aspect of our Christmas Giving is that for the past several years we have shown recognition and appreciation to our Personal Training clients by providing them with Eat-Clean treats. As proud Eat-Clean Diet® Ambassadors it feels so special to share one or two of our favourite recipes with them. This year Joe and I made Almond Butter cookies and granola, taken from our Eat-Clean Diet® books. I also provide clients with the recipes as an incentive to try making this at their homes. Another part of our clients’ gift is a Christmas letter thanking them for their patronage and advising them that a contribution has been made to our local Humane Society in their honor. Joe and I are great animal lovers and spend time at the shelter, giving walks, treats and lots of love. Our photo introduces our latest rescue cat, Bella, guarding the clients` gifts. She is no. 4 in our home and a little sweetheart. Christmas is a time for family, thanksgiving and fellowship. As our home prepares for the festive season we wish you peace, love, happiness and Merry Christmas to all. Shirley and Joe.