A warm greeting and hug for you my friends and family who have stood beside me for what seems like an eternity.  Your presence is felt through your words and kindnesses.  I will take these with me into the New Year, which approaches us at midnight tonight.

How fortunate we are to have a year to carve out yet another slice of our lives filled with dreams and hopes.  My own such desires lie in simplifying my life to what matters most and that of course, after family, is always in relation to spreading the good word of Eating Clean. This phrase has now become as commonly used in our daily conversation as Kleenex, though we know it is really a tissue.  Having founded the Eat-Clean Diet® movement I become even more deeply committed to serving those who need this information, and I am convinced we do need it given the nature of food and its’ perverted (in many cases) production.  So you see, I will always have you in mind as I work on.

But let us celebrate today as being not only the eve of the New Year, but the day my newest book launches.  The Start Here Diet was born years ago, but has its debut today. It is a tool for everyone - everyone who needs a push, everyone who has a friend, a family member, coworker or acquaintance who can’t understand what has happened to them but nonetheless have a body that proves what they have been doing in the past is not working.  Using a book like The Start Here Diet is your insurance policy against all the other diet gibberish out there that probably also confuses you.  Never mind.  I have your back.  Always a story teller, I tell you my story and help you find steady ground upon which to launch your own health and wellness revolution.

Look out for loads of appearances and a brand new website coming soon.  MY 2014 is going to be astounding because I have set my intentions so.

What will you do?

Let me know.

I will be positing pics and thoughts throughout the next 24 hours as we embrace the New Year together.

Health and wellness to all of you for the love of it.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Sincerely and warmly, Tosca Reno

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