Phone Consult Recipient Named!

I am pleased to announce that the recipient of a phone consult with me is Carrie! Her story resonated the most with my readers & touched a lot of hearts. You can re-read all of the stories here, but I've re-printed Carrie's for you to enjoy below...


Thank you to everyone who bravely share their words & to all of you for spreading the Eat-Clean love!

Hi Tosca,

I ate clean for four years and then over the last year I slowly went off the “wagon”. I found your book several years ago when my husband was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. We both began Eating Clean, although he quit within a few months. I lost ten pounds and felt great. I maintained my weight and continued to eat clean through several traumatic events in my life. I believe eating well helped me get through the stress and remain healthy. Last year I began school and starting sitting more. I started going back to my hold habits because I was so busy, I didn’t want to take time to prepare food. I have gained twenty pounds in three months and am now ready to begin the journey back.

I purchased one of your new books and am starting off 2014 with new goals. I am 48 1/2 and plan to be buff by 50. I have signed up to compete in a Spartan race in June and am looking forward to a long, healthy future.

I want to help my son. He is fifteen and obese. It breaks my heart to watch him struggle with his weight. He attends an online high school and has cut off ties to his old friends because of his weight. His weight gain began when he started taking SSR’s for a anxiety disorder. He is now off the medication, but is left with 60 pounds of excess weight. Additionally, he is delayed growth and isn’t expected to reach his full height until he is an adult. He was once a gifted athlete with a great palate for all different kinds of food. He now balks at any exercise and uses food to make him feel better. He is a wonderful young man and deserves a better life. I’m afraid that if he keeps going at this rate, he will face many limitations in the future. I’d love to be able to help him and I believe that a small push from someone other than his mom may make the difference in his life.


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