New Year's Resolution Check In

Hello Friends. Happy New Year to you!  How is it going with your New Year’s Resolution?  Some of us don’t get past January so I thought I might send out some help.  Here we go!

I want to help you in any way I can.  The demographic The Start Here Diet addresses can be best thought of as people who are genuinely interested in changing their health and weight but who are probably terrified and quite “ignorant” about how to effect change.  What they need is a tool all their own that supports their desire for change and doesn’t hit them over the head with intimidating pantry overhauls, exercise programs, cleanses and supplement regimens.  The answer is The Start Here Diet.

When I wrote The Start Here Diet I thought of it as just that tool and used it myself to perform my own physique renovation.  The essence of the book is that there are three basic steps to perform; The Dive In, Unveiling your Hidden Foods and Moving a Little.

The Dive In is a step that few diet books suggest, but is essential to success.  It means to take a good look at yourself emotionally and physically and see that there have been problems with regard to eating but to ask yourself why.  How did you get this way?  Then to also recognize there is, amongst the wreckage, something valuable and worthwhile to fight for.  For me, when I “got naked with myself” I realize I was unhappy and felt purposeless.

In the second step, Unveiling your Hidden Foods, I ask the question, “What is the one food you can’t live without?”  Then I ask you to, well, live without it.  Usually that food is the very thing holding you back from being your healthiest, leanest, best self.  My hidden foods were ice cream, peanut butter and cheese.  For many others it is alcohol or chocolate.  For one young man I helped, we discovered that his 12 sodas a day habit was the problem.  He went from being 100 pounds overweight, wearing sleep apnea gear to bed, taking Metformin, high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds to losing all that weight, taking NO MORE meds and running his first ever marathon, just by identifying what his hidden food (in this case, soda) was and exchanging it for water.  Life altering is what I call that!  The same happened for me just by identifying and avoiding those hidden foods.

Finally, Moving a Little... The human body is meant to move - built for speed, flexibility and strength. Getting your body back to being capable of such movement should be our goal.  Starting with movements as simple and gentle as walking, cleaning the house or marching in place return the physical body you once owned.

The book is out and available anywhere books are sold including online and in audiobook format as well.  It is already a national best seller in Canada after two weeks of sales.  It is too early to tell what the US numbers are.  Stay tuned.  I am on the road now promoting that very book to great reception.  I would of course be grateful for any mention of my name as the pioneer of the Eat Clean movement.

I hope this helps you deliver a moving speech to those who need it most, or even to yourself.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Tosca