Functional Fitness Anywhere & Everywhere

Question:  When you don’t have a gym, where do you get exercise? Answer:  Outside.

It has been some winter here in Ontario!  Last weekend we had yet another snowy, wintery blast that saw people snowed in, stranded on highways and even people who had to abandon their cars and be taken to shelters for the night because the weather conditions were so severe.  I myself was stuck on the 401 driving west to Toronto from Belleville.   The eastbound lanes were closed as a result of a 50 car pileup.  I worried for people’s safety and my own.

It was not reasonable to expect to have a hardcore gym workout after such the gruelling drive so I decided  my workout would come from shovelling snow instead.  Sure enough, after an all-night storm there was plenty of white stuff to move.  I couldn’t even open my own front door there was so much snow.  Instead of putting on training shoes and a tank top, I layered up for the cold and went outside.  My functional fitness routine awaited in the form of two-foot snow drifts that needed to be cleared away from doors and the driveway.  It took two hours of lifting (good for shoulders and arms), pushing (good for pecs and lats) and twisting (good for abs).  It turned into an amazing cardiovascular training session, too.  I was soaked with sweat despite the -15 degree Celsius temperatures.

Functional fitness came in the form of a snowy workout.  The added benefit is that the outdoors gave me an emotional and mental boost.  We Canadians need as much sunlight as we can get otherwise there is a chance of getting SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  I try to get out every day as well as take a vitamin D supplement.

How are you surviving the cold and snowy winter?  I want to know.

Health and happiness. Tosca