Start Here Diet Challenge - Day 11 - Cut Down on Caffeine

Today’s Challenge: [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Cut down on caffeine by switching one cup of coffee to water.[/highlight]

Caffeine is ever-present in our daily diet, and not just in our cup of tea or coffee. Take a look in your fridge & cupboards to see which processed foods are hiding it:

- chocolate

- soda

- energy drinks

- medications like pain relievers

- flavored yogurts & ice creams

While a small amount of caffeine isn't terrible for the diet (2-4 1-cup servings of brewed coffee per day), it's important to remember that every dose of caffeine causes dehydration and mineral leaching & needs to be balanced with water intake - at least 2 L per day.

And it's not just for adults... A report hit the news yesterday suggesting 3 out of 4 children as young as pre-school age are being exposed to caffeine on a daily basis. I'm not that surprised, I once witnessed a woman feed her child soda in a bottle! So while you're limiting your caffeine intake, why not also make sure your children aren't getting it either.

See my tip sheet above for easy ways to cut the caffeine.

P.S. Here are the links to learn more about Dandy Blend (Canada) & Dandy Blend (USA).