Start Here Diet Challenge - Day 16 - Start Journaling

Today's Challenge: [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Start a journal today to put your weight-loss goals into action. [/highlight]

Do you like story telling?  Some of the most powerful personas have built their reputations on story telling and good stories always have a happy ending.

Today is the day to start your story.  Yes!  Your personal story.  It’s riveting.  You start with a problem.  You want to change something - you - and you have a way to do it - journaling!  You fill the pages with your hopes, dreams, struggles and victories.

Finally, when your journal is nearly bursting with all your good stuff, you realize you’ve hit your goal and you really are the main character in your own Cinderella story.  Journalling makes you 50% more likely to be successful.

Ladies (and gentlemen), start your pens!