Start Here Diet Challenge - Day 24 - No Sugar Monday!

Today's Challenge: [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Today, see if you can go the whole day without eating any white sugar, sugar alternatives (yes even the good ones), or products with added sugar.[/highlight]

Do you have the habit?  The bad habit?  Does sugar land on everything you eat?  I think it does for most of us because it’s everywhere.  So let’s you and I make a pact that for this day we are going to fight against this bad boy and just plain not eat it.  I know you can do that and I’m going to do it with you. NO SUGAR MONDAY!

Take a look at every product you have in your life today & ask yourself  if there is any added sugar in the product.

Are you a sugar-in-your-coffee/tea junkie? Today's the day to try it without!

Go for it & tell me how you feel!