Start Here Diet Challenge - Day 26 - Eat-Clean Cooking Spray

Today's Challenge: [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Ditch your chemical-laden cooking spray & replace it with Eat-Clean cooking spray.[/highlight]

We're all making a conscious effort to eliminate unhealthy, processed food from our lives. In doing so, we are also eliminating lots of chemical toxins from our lives. Eating Clean is the simplest form of detox... clean food in = a clean body out!

Some of the worst culprits of chemical soup are cooking sprays - they are like hairsprays.  They come in fancy cans, spray some fancy oil and smell a lot like chemicals. Hair spray may be fine for your hair (on occasion), but you don’t need chemicals in your pan.  Get brave and toss your spray oil, and make your own using a cool olive-oil pump to spray on salads or veggies after roasting. Or reach for the mighty coconut oil for cooking - the most heat stable of all oils. This one won't store well in a spray bottle, but it's best for stir fries.

These chemical-free options will make you a superhero in your kitchen!