I have never been so happy to take care of my liver and when I found out that Eating Clean pairs up beautifully with building a healthy liver, well, I became even happier.  Who knew that for the past 14 years, not only have I been losing weight, kicking sugar addictions, lowering blood pressure, managing cholesterol and reverse aging, I was also cleaning and supporting my liver?  And so have you when you have been Eating Clean.
Turns out, all those efforts - cutting down on sugar and saturated fats, exercising regularly, eating a clean diet filled with fruits and vegetables - can help reverse and even cure fatty liver disease.  There have never been more reasons to support liver health especially when you learn that many liver diseases including cancer, are asymptomatic.  In the beginning you may only feel as if you have a flu or a general sense of being unwell.  If you are truly sick however, liver disease may make you jaundiced (yellow), have pain in your abdomen,  your eyes get yellow and more - time to visit the doctor!
I’m pretty sure the next thing you are going to say is, “But Tosca, I don’t drink.”  Alcohol is not the only guilty party when it comes to liver disease.  The strongest contributing factors include poor eating habits, lack of exercise and obesity.  That’s why I’m saying, Eating Clean is the way to go.  So keep it clean and tight in your liver.
March is Liver Health Month hosted by The Canadian Liver Foundation who kindly voted me their Liver Foundation LiveRight Award Winner in November of 2013. They are urging all of us to Face the Facts of liver disease.
I am always listening,
Tosca Reno