International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day & with that come an onslaught of appreciation for the wonderful women in our lives. Today, I would like to honour my mom, Tina, as the woman in my life.

My mom was born in Delft, Holland in the mid 1930s. She lived through World War II along with her 12 brothers and sisters & one heck of strong-willed mom (my oma who passed in her nineties). After meeting my father she left her home country to settle in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she had to learn a few new languages and make a home for her 4 children. Eventually, we moved to Kingston, Ontario, Canada where we stayed for the rest of our childhood lives. In 1990 my father passed away from heart disease leaving my mom behind.

She's had a past full of hardships, but my mom never ceases to amaze me. No matter what she has experienced, or had to endure, she still comes out with a confident and fighting spirit. She has taught me how to handle loss and adversity with strength and courage. And she has always taught me how to speak my mind openly and honestly.

On the health front, my mom never misses a day of walking in her life. She also is the reason why I am such a savvy soup creator. My roots in cooking come from my mom's love of healthy, tasty, food.

This week I am taking my mom on a mini vacation as a way of thanking her for the joy she has brought into my life.

Thank you, Mom and Happy International Women's Day to you all!

Please share the story of the woman/women in your life who make you shine...

P.S. Don't forget to check out International Women's Day events in your area.