Eat-Clean Diet Success Story - Shirley Rogers

A few weeks ago I shared an inspirational photo of Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador & success story, Shirley Rogers, on my social media pages with all of you. The response to Shirley's rocking bod at 70 years of age was overwhelming, and you asked to hear more from Shirley. Today she joins us to share her Eat-Clean story. Read on for inspiration... and get more from Shirley on her Facebook page Shirley's Story

I became aware of the Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle in 2007 and had an opportunity to meet Tosca Reno for the first time in 2008.

Fitness has always been a big part of my life but in 2004 major changes caused a downward spiralling effect and continued for approximately 4 years.  I retired from work in the fall of 2008.  Again my life underwent another change.  I did continue to work out but my heart was not in it and my eating habits continued to deteriorated.

The time for change had arrived.  I started my Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle and returned to the gym.  The change to a total Eat-Clean Diet was slow and taken in baby steps. I started with breakfast and ensured that this meal was consistently clean and worked forward from there.  My progress at the gym was also slow but changes were happening. Some of my challenges included:

  • eliminating sugar
  • maintaining portion sizes
  • getting used to eating 6 small meals a day
  • reading labels

Approximately one year later I became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a specialization working with the aging population.  The following years were challenging but so rewarding.  I attended conferences, workshops and met Tosca Reno and Robert Kennedy on several occasions and there was always time for a chat.

In March of 2012 I became a proud Ambassador of the Eat-Clean Diet.  I started a Shirley Rogers Eat Clean Healthy Lifestyle page on Facebook, and my partner and fellow Ambassador, Joe Salottolo and I have also given workshops and radio interviews on Eating Clean.

I am so thankful to Tosca for introducing me to Eating Clean; it has totally changed and improved my life.

Being a young 70, feeling so vibrant and alive is a wonderful gift.

Eat-Clean and Play-Hard,

Shirley Rogers