No I am not talking about the Fabulous Fifties: an era of identical pink pressboard suburban houses filled with smiling, apron-clad housewives. All the men wear slippers and fedoras and smoke pipes, all the girls are teenaged and wear poodle skirts, and all the boys are cute, freckle faced scamps with slingshots in their pockets. Parents sleep in separate beds and only kiss each other on the cheek aka Pleasantville (nice movie).  My reference was the website I am talking about my new approach to fitness.  I haven't got a hard routine at the moment thanks to a very mushy brain, lots of heavy responsibilities and an injured right shoulder.  Rather than take these as limitations and a reason to skip the gym altogether I use such factors to shape a workout I can do and it helps to think of the framework in numbers meaning I set a number or reps to achieve as the outline of the training and go for it with the body parts that do function nicely.  I find that trying to hit the number helps me focus more on the execution and training than whatever limitations I am dealing with.

Last week I did THE FIFTIES WORKOUT complete with a little Heartbreak Hotel thanks to the King himself, Elvis Presley.  This is what the workout looked like:

HACK SQUAT: 50 pounds of weight 50 reps 4 sets

DONKEY KICK TO CEILING: 5 pound ankle weights 50 reps per side 4 sets

TWISTING ABS IN PIKE POSITION: 5 pound ankle weight 10 pound medicine ball 50 twists left 50 twists right 4 sets

PLATE LOADED LEG PRESS: 150 pounds of weight 50 reps 4 sets

SUPINE HIP RAISE: 45 pound plate on stomach 50 reps (full and mini pulses) 4 sets

50 minutes cardio alternating between skipping and mini trampoline

That's 50 minutes of fun people.  Get on with it!!

PS.  Stay tuned for 100's and 200's next.