I am humbled, surprised overwhelmed and misty eyed. You came back to the new Eat-Clean® home and I am grateful. Launch Day was an astounding success thanks to YOU! The results shattered even my wildest dreams. TR fans are awesome. I am YOUR fan! You visited the pages of on Launch Day and temporarily crashed the site, but we were ready. Then you signed up for the new TR newsletter and you made comments. You filled the Kitchen Table with stories of love and courage, posted pictures and gave cyberspace hugs. Already the site is populated with Eating Clean joy and it is so nice to be back.

While we had planned for a big day we had no idea that my recently taped segment on Dr. Oz would also be aired on the same day! That was a gumdrop from heaven for all of us who have been working 24/7 to reinvent TR. Things really got cranking on social media after the show aired - you can see some of it right here on the new site's media gallery. Thanks Dr. Oz and thank you, too.

With the return of, beautified by my talented team at Patch Design and internationally renowned photographer, Peter Lueders, you will once again find all things Eat-Clean® related. This knowledge will help you embrace, for the first time and always, the lifestyle that will help you rebuild health and wellness through eating whole, nutrient dense foods.

Remember that special occasions like Easter, are here to enjoy but a sugar overdose won’t help your mood so put the brakes on once in a while and try not to eat the entire bunny in one sitting. Don’t forget to munch on plenty of greens – that will help keep your blood sugar in check. I’m even going Vegan for Easter – well a bit Paleo and a bit Vegan - but vegetables will be heavily featured. Check in here over the weekend as I shop, chop and prepare dinner for a rowdy group of 16 on Easter Sunday. Recipes will be provided (I make a lot of things up as I go – you’ll see).

Finally, a big shout out and Tosca Reno MommaBear hug to our Triumph folks, Carrie, Debbie, Anna, Brianna and all of the rest of you. Can you hear me cheering and clapping for you? You rock! Look at you go! And thank you for setting the example for so many others who are just beginning. This is how it’s done. For someone who is sitting on the sidelines contemplating how to begin to live an Eat-Clean® life, you are their beacon. Shine on!

Finally, I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Easter. Even if you don’t celebrate, take the time to give gratitude for the countless little things from your shining eyes to your beautiful smile.

Remember, I am with you all the way.

Gratefully, Tosca