One question I get quite often – and it is a good one, because we ALL feel this way from time to time – is, “Tosca, how do I stay motivated?” I have found that motivation is personal to each individual, and although there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, there are 3 questions you can ask yourself when you’re having a tough time pushing through your workouts or reaching for a healthy snack instead of junk.

Take a step back, ask yourself these 3 quick questions, and think long and hard about your answers. Sometimes a little reflection goes a long way for helping you refocus!

1. Why did I decide to eat clean and exercise in the first place? The thing that made me commit to an Eat-Clean® life was my kids. I was driven to be there and see them grow up into happy, healthy adults. Look within yourself, why do you want to transform your life? Is it your family? Your health? Is there something you used to be able to do that you would love to do again? Look within and empower your goal through nourishing your body and developing healthy habits. Remember, I am here with you every step of the way and you can count on my support, tools, recipes, and insight to help you.

2. Am I building a strong foundation? Following the Eat-Clean® lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever to the familiar meals and snacks you love! Start with small changes to your diet to build a lasting foundation for success and to combat feeling overwhelmed. Trying Eat-Clean® versions of your favourites, like jalapeno poppers, chocolate cake, and leek and potato soup, is a great place to begin!

When it comes to exercise, challenge yourself to discover which activities keep you interested and on your feet. Now that the weather is gorgeous, try hiking in a new location, biking to a friend’s house instead of driving, using the stairs instead of elevator, yoga in your backyard – whatever keeps you moving and feeling good!

3. Am I being too hard on myself? I say this all the time but I’m saying it again because it’s so important: don’t beat yourself up! Be realistic and kind to yourself. Remember to take one day at a time, and no matter what happened yesterday, you have today to start anew and make choices that move you toward your goal of reaching your fulfilled self.

Everyone experiences a dip in motivation every now and then. It’s completely normal! Be sure to surround yourself with people who understand, accept and love you, and support your courageous decision to embark on a journey that helps you regain yourself. Don’t be shy – pull up a chair at the Kitchen Table whenever you need some encouragement, understanding, or advice. I promise you that everyone here can relate to what you are feeling. Do you have any tips for boosting motivation? I’d love to hear them! Share them with me in the comments section below, or on Twitter, Facebook or the Kitchen Table!

xo Tosca