“Mr. Happy” Makes Me Sad.

I suppose it is a sign of our times that we must take nutritional advice from a glaring, red box with a frightening face on it. Say hello to “Mr. Happy,” McDonald’s new ambassador of nutrition. Yes, nutrition and McDonald’s are now in the same sentence! Are you scared yet? I’m scared and sad. I don’t want to learn from a box. I don’t want to learn from a scary, big toothed, slightly creepy object. How am I supposed to trust that?

I will give Mikky Dee some credit because they have been adding apple slices to all Happy Meals since 2012 – nice. Now they are going out big with salads, yogurt (processed of course), milk and juice. Almost sounds like home. At least they are making a stab at offering healthy fare because, in truth many kids have no idea or receive no instruction as to what is or isn’t healthy. A Happy Meal approved by Mr. Happy might be their first introduction to an apple slice – who knows? So score some points for that one.

I’m still concerned about the medium in which this education happens. Who’s going to eat apples when you can have fries? Who will drink water or milk when there are milkshakes? The offerings of burgers, fries and triple thick shakes are part of the reason some of us have gotten overweight – nearly 70% of the population is either overweight or obese and poor food choices/offerings are likely to blame. Loads of resources has been spent on understanding this burger joint’s Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA – that’s you and me, BTW), subliminally or overtly tempting you to eat in their establishment.

Oh and that milkshake – triple thick, triple sugar. Calories don’t mean much when you consider the source, like this goopy concoction that’s loaded with the stuff. Sugar carbs are dangerous when you don’t realize their long-term effects on health. Focusing on calories alone makes me crazy. Are the calories in a carrot the same as those in a milkshake? I don’t think so! One builds you up, the other breaks you down.

And I realize as I write this, that I am falling into McDonald’s trap too. They know that their controversial character will cause a social media uproar. They planned on it. And here I am, adding to the noise. Just look at how many times I have used their key words to optimize SEO! I’m essentially doing their marketing for them! Ugh!

But we know better. Nutrition needs to be clean, whole, nutrient dense and not in a box. I can make a fast food meal that’s more nutritious and much faster than Mikky Dee can – raw spinach greens, easy over eggs and a green smoothie – 10 minutes flat and I don’t have to leave my house or put expensive, air polluting gas in the car!

Excuse me, I have to go make breakfast. In my own kitchen!

Remember, I’m always listening. Tosca

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