Nutritional Therapy Association

Have you ever had a longing to be better? To challenge yourself? As someone passionate and about health, nutrition and learning, I had an itch to satisfy my thirst for more knowledge about the role nutrition plays in our lives. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I enrolled in the 10 month NTA program, but it ranks as one of the most fulfilling and critical experiences in my personal and intellectual development. My itch was scratched! The course was unique and challenging, taking my knowledge and understanding of nutrition to a higher level. NTA structured the course as a distance program, which worked well for me and my schedule. There were intensive telephone lectures, pre-recorded lectures, ongoing online communications, three live workshops spread throughout the course and a lot of studying.

I particularly loved the live workshops because I’m a hands on gal. You can’t believe what it’s like to work with people like John Tjenos, Gray Graham and Francesca Orlando, my super star instructors, who tilted my planet in terms of how I could serve others on their road to health. They are still influential today.

The real reward? You. What I have learned I can’t wait to share with you. When I enrolled in the course I thought I was just going to learn from books. You can imagine how surprised I was when the books were put aside for sessions of Functional Evaluations. This is where you learn to locate various points (about 70) in the body and how they relate to nutritional strengths and weaknesses. I experienced a paradigm shift in terms of the body’s intelligence and working with that. Now I perform the HCL Test on people when I run workshops and seminars and they are always blown away by it. It’s my new party trick. Want to know more about it? Hint: more to come soon.

If you are passionate about health and wondering where to go to expand your understanding of how nutrition can restore balance within the body, I highly recommend the Nutritional Therapy Association programs.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to know more, I’d love to chat! Connect with me in the comments section below, at the Kitchen Table, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Remember, I’m always listening. Tosca, NTP!