Celebrations for Rachel

WE BEGIN TO CELEBRATE RACHEL’S UPCOMING WEDDING! The last three years have pretty much kicked our collective butts in the Kennedy/Corradetti household. Celebrating was not on the horizon. In fact, there were some days where we women: myself, Chelsea, Rachel, Kiersten and Kelsey-Lynn, felt completely weighed down by the hardships visited upon us in recent years. It was all just too much bad news. But in the fall of 2012, just months after Robert’s passing, Rachel, my eldest daughter, and her long time boyfriend Mat, announced their engagement under a starry sky on a warm September evening. Finally there was good news, something to celebrate, something to shout out with joy about and we did. We dug out a bottle of champagne and let our voices ring loud.

Now as the wedding approaches, we are deep into the preparations of hosting and attending bridal showers, meeting new friends and family members and well, celebrating. The first of the showers, hosted by the new in-law to be family, was hosted on the weekend. We are excited to let the wild rumpus begin – time to live and be joyful. Pictures, pictures, pictures, help us tell the story.

This Tuesday the entire crew – Rachel, Kiersten, Chels and Kels, as well as yours truly – will be heading into the big city to make further final preparations. You know, a little hair styling, a bit of spit and polish here and there and the usual all female fun you can expect from a hen party like ours. There will be the usual glass of good cheer, lingerie discussion and wedding night jitters but all in good fun as our sisterhood welcomes the joy of Rachel’s marriage to Mat.

Next weekend, we are hosting another bridal shower here at my home. We will let the pictures speak for themselves but you are invited to send in your best wishes and wedding advice any time.

Yay for Rachel! I love you my girl! We are celebrating!

Love, Your mom.

PS. Oh by the way, I have a Wedding Tighten and Tone Plan in the works. I’m doing it now in preparation for the wedding. Are you ready for it?