Life After #StrikeSugar

We are approaching the end of the #StrikeSugarChallenge. Can you believe how fast these four weeks are flying by? And the success?? It’s astounding and gratifying and absolutely breathtaking! I’ve received numerous questions about what to do once the Strike Sugar Challenge is over. You have worked so hard, making profound changes over the last month, physically as well as mentally. You have redefined your relationship with natural, whole foods and showed sugar who’s in control. Of course you want to know what comes next!

With a few days still left in the Strike Sugar Challenge, here are a few tips for reintroducing higher Glycemic index foods into your life in a manner that is non-invasive and won’t send your body into a processed-sugar-induced-tailspin! Notice I didn’t say that I would teach you how to reintroduce sugar into your life. That is never going to happen!!

1. Go for whole foods from the earth that fall in the medium range of the Glycemic Index; examples include: bananas, oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice and kiwifruit.

2. Reintroduce foods gradually. Start by adding one “new” food and wait two days before trying something different. Be sure to keep a journal monitoring physical, emotional and mental reactions (if any), as you may discover certain foods don’t serve you as well as others. You may also notice these foods will taste sweeter than they have in the past. Your palate has been recalibrated to be more sensitive to the sweet taste.

3. Watch your portions! Simple carbs should not dominate your plate. As you learned during the challenge, meals of lean proteins, leafy greens, vegetables and a little bit of healthy fat aren’t only satisfying, they’re delicious. Check out the Portion Sizes Guide on my tools page for more.

4. When it comes to candy bars, pastries, cookies, ice cream and the super-sugary treats you may or may not have craved during the challenge, my hope is that you will now view these as occasional indulgences rather than daily necessities. You may even find these indulgences to be offensive in the extreme as your body has become more finely tuned to deeply nutritional foods instead. Plus, a weekly reward is something to look forward to and will taste extra yummy!

5. Reach out! I was with you throughout the challenge and I’m still here! Don’t hesitate to ask me your post-challenge questions in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter. Also, be sure to join the #StrikeSugar conversation happening at Kitchen Table.

I also think the one of the MOST important things to do in life after the Strike Sugar Challenge is celebrate! This was no easy feat. Your determination has been incredible and the way you pick each other up during tough moments of cravings and “slip-ups” truly touched my heart. In fact, I was so inspired by the willpower and enthusiasm I witnessed from everyone who decided to strike sugar with me, that I thought we should do something really fun to close out this incredible month.

That is why I’ve decided to do five days of giveaways! Happening July 25 – July 30, I will be giving away one grand prize each day to anyone who has purchased the #StrikeSugarChallenge eBook! All you have to do to enter is purchase the eBook any time before July 30. I am so pumped to unveil these amazing prizes with you!

Remember, I’m always listening, sugar free but still sweet. Tosca