5 Eat-Clean Appreciations

The love, encouragement and support I have personally felt and seen between members of Team Tosca during the #StrikeSugarChallenge has set my heart ablaze with the deepest appreciation for you and the wonderful energy you bring to the community. It got me thinking, “what are some Eat-Clean ways to show someone special you appreciate them?” Whether to lift the spirits of someone you care about, say “thank you”, or to simply extend a gesture of gratitude just because, 5 Eat-Clean ways to show your appreciation for someone special: 1. Visit your local farmer’s market and create a basket loaded with your favourite seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are at their peak of nutrition and taste when in season! There’s just something so thoughtful about gifting someone bright and vibrant foods from the earth, hand-selected by you. I’ll take that over a box of sugar-laden chocolates any day!

2. Cooking for my family and friends is one of my all-time favourite ways to express love for them. Cook from the heart and whip up a multi-course Eat-Clean brunch, lunch or dinner! How about this for an unforgettable summer supper: start with my coconut shrimp with spicy orange dipping sauce and guacamole; serve up my grilled gourmet bella burgers or chili chicken kabobs with a nice big salad as a main, and finish this mouth-watering, guilt-free meal with my chocolate pudding. Throw in a nightcap of cleaned up iced cappuccinos and you have one incredible evening for someone (or lots of someones) special!

3. Many of us plan our social life and celebrations around meals. Catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? That often calls for dinner out. I always love a good girls’ night out, but I also find that paddle-boarding, a yoga class or going for a run together often leads to even more fun. Plus, with all the calories we’re burning together, we have an excuse to meet again soon to share a meal or cocktail!

4. Saying “thank you” with fresh, homemade baked goods is always a good idea! But take an old favourite and Clean it up so that it has that comforting flavour and feeling, without the junky extras? Even better idea! You can’t go wrong with chocolate – keep these cookies, cupcakes or biscotti in mind the next time you’re looking for a small gift to send off with your thank you card.

5. Embark on a journey together. There are few things as intimate and special as taking someone by the hand, challenging them to make a change, and supporting them every step of the way. Maybe you go vegan for 7 days, participate in Meatless Mondays for a month or join my #StrikeSugarChallenge together. New experiences help people grow together and only enriches your relationship. Bonus: it’s oh so rewarding!

What are your favourite Eat-Clean ways to show someone your appreciation for someone? Tell me in the comments below, at Kitchen Table, Facebook or Twitter!

Remember, I’m always listening Tosca