Eat Clean's Fashion Moment

You Eat Clean, so you know it’s in style, but now others have caught on and eating clean is at the centre of a fun moment in the fashion world! Are you open to inspiration in all its forms? Check out some of the cutest trinkets and apparel I’ve found that showcase some of our favourite whole foods from the earth: TR_Fashion-01

#1. Drink Water Jacket #2. Kale Necklace #3. Fruit Dress #4. Banana Necklace #5. Popcorn Phone Case #6. Lemon Clutch #7. Bad Apple Bracelet #8. Lobster Sweater #9. Fried Egg Sweater #10. Fruit Watch

You Eat-Clean, but would you show your love for Clean Eating through your fashion? Share your thoughts with me on this trend in the comments below, at Kitchen Table or Twitter or Facebook!

Remember, I’m always listening – and looking everywhere for Eat-Clean Diet® inspiration to share with you! Stay Hip! Tosca