Scotland Bound!

Today my family leaves for Scotland. The house has been filled with chaotic energy for the past few weeks, getting last minute details sorted out before our departure. The event, the reason, for our trip is to celebrate the marriage of my eldest daughter, Rachel, an event that has been long in the planning and sorely needed from a celebratory point of view. Her fiancé is Mathew and he is a keeper. Every family member loves and welcomes Mat into the family. We will leave with our siblings, uncles, aunts, parents, one grandparent and a host of friends tomorrow, suitcases filled with layers of clothing in preparation for an unpredictable climate, hearts filled with happiness and expectation, heads full of images of what is to come and eyes filled with excitement. By the time we sit on the plane, we will be exhausted but the hard work will be done, nothing more to happen but the celebration.

Rachel has been packing all week while I have had my suitcases on the floor for two weeks. My suitcases are not full of my own clothes but stuffed with everyone else’s needs including a kilt and matching jacket for Kiersten, a former competitive Highland dancer, who will be in full regalia attending her sister at the ceremony. There are raincoats, Wellies (rubber boots), umbrellas (yes it rains a lot in Scotland), my dog eared copies of the Eat Clean Diet® and Outlander, a favorite historical fiction series perfectly suited to the wedding we are about to experience, Nespresso pods for the coffee machine in our hotel (for some reason the machine was in the room but we had to bring our own pods) and tea bags of two types including Smooth Move (you can guess why) and Nighty Night (self-explanatory).

The things that end up in suitcases tell an interesting tale, one that can go awry if the items in the cases are not well edited. Is there anything worse than landing in a country where the climate is wet and cold and all you have packed are T-shirts and shorts because, well, it’s still summer. In truth, the weather during the months of August and September are often called autumn and will include anything from balmy 20 degree Celsius and up weather to snow. I am relying on fitness gear, particularly leggings, long tees and jackets to get me through the questionable temperatures.

I hope I have avoided potential disaster by putting my mother-of-the-bride dress along with all other items I have to wear on the big day, in my carry on, just in case my luggage would get misplaced. Let’s not even entertain the thought of it. Now what do you wear when you travel? Since our flight is an eight hour overnight flight, dropping us off in the city of Edinburgh at 7 am the next day, I am opting for comfort and layers. Right now I can’t choose between a long sleeved knit comfy dress with ankle boots and a huge scarf or a pair of jeans with a long sleeved tee and a leather jacket, finished off with a scarf. Either way, comfort is key. We plan to deplane and head right into the Scottish capital, with a goal to find a decent place for breakfast and then get right into sight seeing by walking the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. We will be arriving in the midst of Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe – all about culture and fun.

For now, as I write in my PJs, with suitcases, tickets, shoes and sweaters all over the floor, I am dreaming of what exciting things I will see, the haggis I will eat, the bagpipes I am sure to hear and the wedding of my beautiful daughter. It is time for this family to remember what it is like to have fun. We have been looking forward to this wedding event for two years. The time is here to step into joyfulness again, leaving behind painful memories and building new ones. I feel a rebirth coming. I am ready.

I would love to hear your story of Scotland. Share your favorite eateries and pubs with me and I’ll try to get a pic.

In the meantime, I know school is coming and there’s lots to do. Keep it clean and sugar free so you keep your cool – it helps.

I’m always listening. Join me in wishing Rachel and Mat a joyous lifetime together. Love, Tosca