What Now?

My feet are back on Canadian soil. I’m jet lagged, tired, emotional and feel completely lost. While unpacking my suitcases and putting the wedding finery away, I fought back tears and wondered why I was so weepy. My thoughts went back to the last two years during which I have been deeply invested in not only Rachel’s wedding but fighting my way back from so many TKO’s that I thought I might never recover. With most of my energy focused at rebuilding, I’m a bit surprised at myself for feeling as lost as I am right now but the truth is, those events are over and now I must move ahead. Loss is part of life. Saying goodbye is often painful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way. I’ve seen your posts, read your questions and know you’ve been there too. Saying goodbye to the past always feels bittersweet – nice to remember it, but time to move ahead too. This time of year often feels emotionally ambiguous because change is happening at a rapid pace. One minute you are enjoying the summer with your family and the next thing you know, they are at school and your routine is different.

We constantly have to adapt to change. Those who do it well, win every time. It’s almost better to expect change than consistency. I tell people who are trying to lose weight to anticipate the treats that just happen to end up in your mouth, the failed attempts. They happen. Better to accept that fact, admit to the dalliance and move forward. If you don’t prepare yourself this way, the potential for a complete derailment is greater, making reaching your goals impossible.

At this time of year and at times when I am feeling emotionally vulnerable, I go back to basics. I remember how well eating clean, nutrient dense foods served me in the past so I double up on my efforts, preparing meals heavy in vegetables, leafy greens and more vegetables. Green juices made with plenty of greens and herbs are also on the list as well as loads of water and herbal teas. I need to be good to myself so don’t make too many demands with food preparation. I keep things simple – salads, quick sautees, raw fare, simple poached eggs – easy is the best way.

As for exercise, I don’t say, “forget it!” I make a plan to incorporate long walks outdoors with the dogs, as well as performing what I call “Back To It” workouts. For me that means, I work every body part in each of the four or five workouts planned during the first week back. I like to do this to “wake up” the muscle cells recruiting muscle memory to get myself back into the game. However the goal is to lift lighter and perform only two sets of 20 reps for each exercise. This guarantees three things: no injury, a burning passion to get back into the game and you uber challenge the big muscle groups that stimulate your metabolism. It’s a win win right out of the gate.

The final, critical ingredient? Kicking music! To get through a total body workout you need crazy, inspirational beats and now for you, I have my top tunes to help you kick you own @$$ into gear. Hit it!

Love and hugs, Tosca

PS. We are in it together. Just crank up your Jambox and let the music get you started. LOL! PSS. Should we post a dance party? I think so.