Eat Clean Snacks for Kids…and Mom!

Back to school means busier kids (which means hungrier kids) and a new routine for Mom. In the name of saving time and your wits, planning meals and snacks ahead of time becomes a renewed priority. Keep these 20 Eat-Clean snacks in mind so you are prepared the next time you hear the familiar cries of “Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” or “I’m hungry! Do we have anything to eat?” Of course, these Clean snacks are so delicious that mom may want to whip one up for herself during one of those rare quiet moments. Go ahead, I won’t tell! LOL

TR_Blog_Snacks_All_r-01 MORNING SNACKS FOR ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN I remember when my children were itty bity, they would wake up incredibly early. Sometimes we would have breakfast so early that they were hungry again before school even began! These five snacks are perfect for the car-ride to school or great options for morning recess.

  • Apple slices with natural almond butter
  • Orange slices and small portion (12 -15 raw, unsalted walnuts)
  • French toast sticks using Paleo Loaf topped with Homemade Hummus
  • Go Green Smoothie
  • Banana Roll-Up

  • TR_Blog_Snacks_All_r-02 “MIDNIGHT” SNACKS FOR TEENS The teen years are crucial in terms of your child’s development – he or she is growing (physically and mentally) at an accelerated rate, sleeping a lot, and sometimes keeping odd hours. These five snacks are so fun and packed with “adult” flavour combinations that your teens will be happy campers no matter what time of day they give ‘em a try!

  • 1 tablespoon natural hazelnut butter on seed cracker with a few dairy-free chocolate chips sprinkled on top
  • Chili Cheese Popcorn
  • Mashed avocado on a slice of whole-grain bread or Paleo loaf, with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and garlic powder or chili flakes
  • A grilled peach drizzled with a little bit of raw, organic honey and sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Full-fat Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries, lime zest, and a touch of real maple syrup

    TR_Blog_Snacks_All_r-03 POST-GAME SNACKS FOR SPORTY TWEENS Team and individual sports is the best way to keep your child active and help them generate a sense of leadership, teamwork, self-esteem and so much more. Tweens (10-12 year olds) are bursting with hormones thanks to puberty, and high intensity sports and extracurricular activities only underscores the importance of providing nutrient-dense foods to nurture and repair their growing bodies. These five protein-packed options are just the ticket!

  • 1-2 eggs (fried or hardboiled) with salsa on greens
  • Twice baked sweet potato with green onion, full-fat plain Greek yogurt and crumbled turkey bacon
  • Lean turkey or chicken breast wrapped with good, organic cheese on seed cracker
  • Quinoa, chickpea, cucumber & red pepper salad dressed with lemon juice and olive, avocado, rice bran or other oil.

    TR_Blog_Snacks_All_r-04 NUT-FREE & VEGAN SNACKS The growing number of nut allergies has resulted in tree nuts being banned from most schools, so planning nut-free snacks ahead of time is something of daily importance to many moms. These five snacks are satisfying and tasty – no nuts required. Added bonus: all vegan!

  • Clean Eating Guacamole with corn chips
  • Celery and carrots with hummus
  • Melt 70% (or darker) dairy-free, nut-free chocolate over fresh strawberries and refrigerate until hardened
  • High Fiber Bean Dip with cut up peppers
  • Coconut Orange Quinoa Pudding
    What are your go-to snacks during the busy school year – for your kids and for yourself? Tell me in the comments below, at Kitchen Table, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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    PS – Stay tuned for details on something very special from me to you for your family coming soon!