Forty eight hours of drama and the roller coaster is still on. Things are changing for me and I don’t just mean the weather. As I was driving home from Chicago, where I dropped Kiersten off for her final term at North Western, I had upsetting news that my sister was admitted to hospital with chest pain, could I do an interview with The Sun and by the way, there’s a showing for my house. All this happened at the US border where I neatly whipped out my NEXUS card (godsend for travel, trust me!) and tried to wipe away tears at the same time. The poor CSA agent didn’t know what to make of it. Taking pity on me he said “Go on, get out of here ma’am. Have a safe drive.” By the time I got to the other side, I had pulled myself together but everything was different.  

In as little as an hour so much had changed and yet some things remain ever the same. I still have my own backbone, which keeps me upright and believing in myself every day. I have my family and my friends who never question me, always giving love and support. And I know for sure something you may now know about the Eat Clean/Tosca Reno community - I have a treasure chest of folks who teach me more about myself and what I do than you can possibly imagine. With my drama in the background but still percolating away, it was pure joy and satisfaction to know you are there always.


For example, did you read about Mike Gutridge’s amazing progress simply because he followed the Eat Clean program to help rid himself of his sugar habit while also dropping a whole lotta weight? Can I just say, “WOW!” I am so impressed with his commitment and all the folks who loved him up on the way. There is an urgent need to learn how to Strike Sugar from our diets, something Mike saw too. The Strike Sugar Challenge is picking up steam all over again because so many of you want to learn how. What an example for others you are Mike. You make me proud. Now about that interview… I need Mike to share some of his love with us on - what do you think?


Also I have been working with several clients via my consults and have enjoyed the one-on-one process so much. Although I do my part and share what I know, I learn much more from you. When I write, at the end of my blogs and columns, “I am always listening,” I really mean it. I do. With the consults, I get to hear firsthand what your concerns are using those AH-HA moments to fine tune my offerings. The more I listen, the more I learn and the better my products. My number one motivation is to be of service to you. So when I speak with folks like Tracy Cook and Tammi Gordon, my heart is filled because I feel the powerful connection that exists among people who wish to discover their truest, strongest expression of themselves, as I do. That energy is incredibly potent, almost addictive and the need to connect makes it all come together like glue.


It’s Friday, my heart is full and I am always listening. Have an amazing, motion filled, nutritionally rewarding (clean) weekend. Love and hugs, Tosca

PS. I think Scotch is clean - it comes from one ingredient - and it’s fermented. LOL!