Kids & Family - The Fabric of my Life!

Hey y’all! I’m dreaming. What about? I see a future filled with healthy, strong, vibrant people who started out as kids, who are still kids, who are kids in the twinkle of your eye (wink, wink). I’m in love with my kids and why not? My four daughters are the extension of me. They keep me young, dancing to the hottest tunes, up to date with technology, wearing skinny jeans, laughing and humble. More than anything, my children provide me with the motivation to be the best person I can be. Being a letdown is not an option for me. No way! Rachel, Kiersten, Kelsey and Chelsea keep my feet on the ground and push me to find the outer reaches of my limits. Right now we are all searching for new ground - Rachel wants a successful and busy naturopathic practice, Kelsey is searching for a job that allows her to test her huge creative talents (my pics are all hers y’all), Chelsea is finishing her 4th year of university and Kiersten too is graduating with a Masters in Integrated Marketing and Communication from Northwestern University. Wow! I had to take a breath for a minute - my girls are amazing young women.

As for me, I am looking for the next love of my life, the surprise of who that will be and when I might trip over him. Personal life aside,the foundation is always the same - training, Eating Clean, writing, being there for you and making light of some pretty shitty, heavy situations. If you can’t laugh what’s the point?

But I know you want to know how to grab hold of the reins and ride the wild ride that is parenthood. You asked for recipes, how to fill a lunchbox, what makes a complete meal and how to get rid of sugar. I heard you! In reply, I put myself to the task of creating a guide for parents and kids to help them survive the madness of the school year. Lunches were my nemesis when the girls were young. Darn if I could pack them right. So I sat down and looked at what it would take to pack a good one - a lunch that would make the other kids drool. Actually I just wanted you to know how to pack a nourishing lunch that would land in your kids’ stomach. I packed all that good knowledge into Eat Clean for Families and Kids.

In this new eBook I have put my heart and soul as a mom, fun ideas for lunch pails, snacks and leftovers and how to navigate the twists and turns of food related health issues. Don’t worry, I made it easy and readable. You are going to love the recipes, the graphics and the super easy stuff I put in there so you can be one hot damn parent.

Never forget how much I love you. I do.

Love and joy. Eat Clean for health and for life, Tosca

PS. Pick up a copy of Eat Clean for Families and Kids in a few weeks for the unbelievable Oatmeal Cookies. Love at first bite!