Unifying The Family

“Engaging in physical activity as a family can be a fun way to get everyone moving. Studies show that kids who believe they are competent and have the skills to be physically active are more likely to be active. And those who feel supported by friends and families to become active, or surrounded by others interested in physical activity, are more likely to participate.” – LetsMove.org

I get an absolute jolt of excitement every time I read comments from moms on Kitchen Table, Facebook or Twitter saying their child asked for frozen peas as a school snack, recounting a glorious family bike ride or giddy that hubby adored a cleaned up version of one of his favorite meals. I know you work hard every day, and with every clean meal you make and work out you rock, you’re setting a killer example for not only the rest of our Eat-Clean Community, but also your family.

Stories of families Eating Clean and Training Mean together, is music to my ears, but no two families are alike and many struggle to get on the same page about diet and exercise. Families are comprised of many personalities, tastes and demeanors, so it comes as no surprise – I look at my girls, my mom, my sister - and I embrace the glorious uniqueness of them; however, it can be frustrating and costly to accommodate everyone in the house, in terms of time spent in the kitchen and money spent at the grocery store. The fact that only one in three kids are physically active every day and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week, adds urgency to stepping up your Eat-Clean game for the sake of your family.

Given the name of my upcoming eBook – Eat Clean Diet for Families & Kids Recharged – it is tempting to think it begins and ends with kid-friendly Eat-Clean recipes, strategies for engaging everyone in the family about their food choices, and healthy school lunches the kids will love. While these elements are certainly included, the heart of this eBook is about unifying all types of families around the core principles of Eating Clean and offering up new ideas and tips to enhance the overall wellbeing of the family as a whole. Whether you live with a significant other, a sibling or parent, or even roommates, I promise you will benefit from my new eBook just as much as moms to children and teens.

A sneak peek at some of what you can expect to see in Eat Clean Diet for Families & Kids Recharged:

  • RECIPES: 40++ new Eat-Clean recipes
  • MACRONUTRIENTS: A thorough yet simplified discussion of macronutrients, including what they are, why they matter and why they make a heck of a difference to your daily meal planning
  • DIRTY vs. CLEAN: Lists of common “dirty” foods to avoid and how to rebuild your kitchen’s pantry
  • CLEAN MEAL TIMES: Tips for creating an Eat-Clean culture in your home, including how to get the entire family involved in meal preparation and creating Clean Meal Times
  • EXERCISE: Key benefits of exercise, including some that may surprise you
  • …lots more!

I know you are busy sweating in the gym and chasing new fitness goals in the kitchen, practicing good habits to keep yourself healthy, fit, and vibrant. The Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids Recharged is intended to help you get, or keep, your family on the same page so you can be a rock star Eat-Clean Family, looking and feeling your very best now and for all times! Remember, kids are the future and aren’t we all on board for a Clean Future? I know I am!

Tell me, is your family an Eat-Clean Family? Are you the only one? Do you ever work out with your kids? Share your triumphs and struggles with me. Join me in this Family Revolution – one household at a time!

Remember, I’m always listening Tosca

PS. What’s the cleanest food your kid eats? I want to know.