Stand Up for Your Kids!

“… the food industry has really captured our brains and hijacked our brain chemistry and created a nation of food addicts driving obesity.” Dr. Mark Hyman 2014  

Foods that are combinations of engineered sugars, man made fats and mineral depleted salts are hijacking us away from health and into disease. Read that again. Food is making us sick but let’s be clear that this food is not what Mother Nature has provided in the way of whole, nutrient dense, well sourced, properly prepared foods. No, what is making us sick is Frankenfoods, the engineered garbage that passes for food. What a dirty trick!


We’ve been duped. Had! Fooled! And fiddled. The food industry would have us believe that it’s perfectly natural to guzzle a 20 ounce soda containing 15 teaspoons of sugar. What started 100 years ago as a teaspoon a day habit is today a full blown sugar addiction with each of us eating 150 pounds of the white stuff per year. I know I am not eating my share of that and neither are my kids but somebody is. Can you believe it? Worse yet, that same food industry is performing its seduction by stealth so that you let your guard down and don’t realize that what you are feeding your family and yourselves is toxic to health. We think it’s perfectly normal to carry on munching foods packaged in materials that will probably outlive the boxes and bags in which they sit.


I couldn’t take it 7 years ago when I wrote the first Eat Clean Diet book, launching what I believe is a food revolution that will never go away and I’m still stunned. Every other North American today has either pre-diabetes or tetra-diabetes and nearly 100% of people with these conditions don't know it. Even worse, doctors don’t know what to do about it and in 30 years we won’t have the health dollars to fix it. This is a bona fide health crisis.


That’s why I wrote the brand new Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids eBook. It’s time to take back our health and start with the people upon which you have the most influence - your kids. Parents we need to take a stand for the sake of our children and our future. Illness and obesity are food-borne diseases that we can reverse. Our poor eating got us into this mess and now Eating Clean can get us out of it. It’s as easy as making clean food changes today. The Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids eBook shows you how with a set of principles that are easy to follow and put into practice. It also shows you how to make switches from Frankenfoods to clean, natural whole food alternatives that taste delicious.


Keep your kids disease free, lean, healthy and happy by avoiding feeding them empty foods. I’ve packed my book with easy recipes made from whole ingredients and a teaching guide so you know how to create a whole meal from protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. Putting clean eating principles into practice with your kids doesn’t have to be a struggle. Kids love to be in the kitchen right along with moms and dads. My four girls have spent plenty of time learning how to cook and prepare foods at my elbow. They still do it today and they are grown up kids!


My favourite recipe is the Cauliflower Pizza Crust Pizza but that’s because I feel better when I don’t eat gluten containing ingredients. My Hummus recipe is a long standing family favourite that gets slathered on everything from chicken breasts to crudites. There’s a recipe for tacos, the food of the year and for delicious, portable bars too.


I transformed myself and my family from being sugar and Frankenfoods addicts to Eating Clean and loving it! You can do the same today by digging in to your own copy of the Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids eBook. Within as little as 30 hours of cutting your sugar intake, your body will already be healthier. Make the change for your family today. Get your copy and be the change leader in your house.


I urge you to take up the challenge in your house to Eat Clean today.


I will be here to answer all your questions and offer support because …


I am always listening.



PS. There’s no calorie counting either because focusing on calories doesn’t take into consideration what kind of food you are eating. Breathe! You can relax.