Packed & Ready to Go!

A few of you have asked whether my new eBook is different than the hardcopy version of The Eat-Clean Diet® for Family Kids and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! I felt compelled to write a new, updated version of Eat-Clean Diet® for Family & Kids because, as with all else, things are changing. In the days of the first version of the book – published in 2008 – we thought agave nectar was wonderful as a sugar alternative but then we found out how horribly it was processed, so I no longer advocate using it. We also did not have the stats and medical knowledge we have now, suggesting that many health related issues are now connected to the poor quality and heavily processed nature of the food we eat (Hippocrates stated this hundreds of years ago but we are now paying attention). Sigh!!

You are another reason I felt compelled to reboot and recharge The Eat-Clean Diet® for Family & Kids. You are an informed, conscientious and curious Clean Eater and it pushes me to step up my game, answer your questions and provide new and exciting information, statistics, and recipes. I am up for the task and will always deliver. Since the Eat Clean revolution started 7 years ago, I have noticed it isn’t slowing down – it’s gathering steam.

I receive many questions about my favourite go-to products and brands and it can be frustrating for both of us when I recommend something that turns out not to be available in your area. With so many options at the grocery store, it can be a little overwhelming sifting through potential alternatives, endlessly reading labels and not knowing which brands to trust. And when you have little ones in tow? Forget it! The grocery store becomes a doubly challenging place.

Wanting to connect you with products I know, love, use and trust, inspired me to create three brand new raw food kits loaded with products handpicked by me, for you and your family.

My new yummy, kid-friendly kits:

“Don’t Skip the Breakfast” EssentialsKids & FamilyDelicious Kids Pack

I’ve been listening closely to you and know that you are pressed for time. You’re busy caring for yourself and your family, juggling work and about a million other things – I get it, I’m there with you! These kits are packed with delicious, quality goodies that will save you time and guesswork.

Now you’re packed and ready to go!

Have you tried any of the products in my new kits? What did you think? Which were your favourites? Share your feedback in the comments below, at Kitchen Table, or on Facebook or Twitter!

Remember, I’m always listening Tosca

PS. I still use Kids Pack items and I’m 55!