Starting Fresh Feels Clean & Light

Monday, October 20th 6:00 am alarm blares in my ears. Must get up, do workout. Find way to kitchen for pre-workout water and fill gas tank with dates, Manuka honey and yogurt. Still not awake - must have espresso too. Better now! Vague sense of energy returning.

Realized wandered through house with no pants on - better get dressed. Slip on LuLu’s and gym shoes, select appropriately upbeat Tiesto and make way to gym. Today is glutes (autocorrect always wants to spell flutes instead of glutes, silly autocorrect).

Start with cardio tramp/skip session. Good way to increase cardio endurance. 10 minutes jumping on Cellerciser, 10 minutes skipping with weighted Thai rope, 10 minutes jumping, 10 minutes skipping. 30 minutes later sweat pouring in eyes - towel necessary. Now time to burn up those flutes, I mean glutes.

Do Bulgarian split squats, squat jumps with medicine ball, walking lunges with dumbbells. Add kneeling cable kickbacks and bench hip raise with loaded barbell. Pyramid - 10, 12, 15, 12 and 10. Find butt is burning - even lowest bit that usually is hardest to hit. In 2 days, won’t be able to walk but butt will be tight.

Have spare energy - think will do step and box jumps. New short hair plastered on face, hard to see step - don’t fall, teeth are necessary. All done! Towel needed for sweaty mess I have become.

Breakfast is calling. Head to kitchen, this time with pants on. Make 2 scrambled eggs on bed of steamed spinach cooked in coconut oil and turmeric. Sigh! So good! These foods make for a super body. More coffee please! All better.

Movers coming to remove some gym equipment - gym is too full. I decide, madly, to carry weight plates up hill to truck for functional fitness workout. 600 pounds later, 2nd workout of day done. Feel shaky. Good burn today. Time to shower - pretty stinky.

Hot water feels fab on tired muscles. Stay long but finish with cold water for circulation. Rachel visiting and has cold. Time to make MommaT’s chicken soup.

Good things go in massive stock pot. Grass fed chicken thighs, big onions, celery, carrots, head of garlic, bunches of parsley and dill, bay leaves, sea salt and shot of apple cider vinegar. Big brew of yummy soup makes everything better. Smells delicious! Sit down to bowl of soup with Rachel and we chat about wedding and happy feeling of love. Oh right, she has happy feeling of love, me considering monastery - LOL - could work! But happiness for Rachel and Mat is huge.

Do some writing (should I tell you what about already?) and visiting with old roommate. Time to get cleaned up for blind dinner date. BFF Pia hosting lovely evening at her house. Rachel and I invited plus someone else. Oooh! Wonder what he is like? Forget monastery.

Look in mirror while getting ready and think 'time to get prettied up' Perhaps makeup will cover age? Try to make self look fresh, youthful but self is definitely long past that. Skinny jeans look not so bad - butt workout made backside perkier. Thank you!

Rachel and I go to Pia’s where she served venison (um, yum!) and red cabbage (um, yummier!) and scalloped sweet potatoes (um, yum, yum, yum!) Glute workout made me super hungry. Pia’s husband, Stefan serves wine. And more wine. And more wine. Great evening. Great friends. Blind date nice but back to monastery - temporarily.

Fall into bed exhausted. Give thanks for amazing day, beautiful children, happiness, health, friends and many blessings. Lights Out. Tosca