Eat-Clean Options to Halloween Candy

Is the countdown to Halloween on in your household? If you have kids, or even adults in the house, I’m sure costumes, parties, and of course trick-or-treating, have all been hot topics in your home recently! Who doesn’t like a good Halloween costume to spice up your life? Marilyn Monroe? Superwoman? Shrek? This is the perfect time for everyone to celebrate their creativity, explore their imaginations and revel in an evening of fun, treats and maybe even a few scares. I love me a good costume!
Halloween was always a big deal for my girls. I often made the girls’ costumes – one year Kelsey was a witch but the evening was so cold I made her wear a snow suit. With the witch costume over the snow suit she was a 2 year old that was as wide as she was tall – the cutest little witch ever!!
But what happens after the pillowcases of treats have been gathered and October 31 comes and goes? You’re left with a tempting surplus of mini-sized chocolate bars that are more sugar than actual chocolate and your little folks become monsters amped up on sugar. I just learned that one fun-sized (26g) Snickers Peanut Butter has 7g of fat and 12g of sugar! That much sugar would knock me out, so what would it do to a little round witch? And what about those sugar-laden gummy candies? A tiny 56g of sour watermelon gummies packs a 36g sugar punch. These numbers alone are enough to make you consider Striking Sugar.
I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun and treats are treats but going overboard will make you a little Dracula. It might be a good time to reassess your health and fitness priorities – you know, get your blood moving and your teeth ready for some monstrous salads. Your ghoulish treats can be one in the few so as to keep your ghostly figure light.
If you’re looking to avoid the seductive call of a Pirates’ bounty of leftover candy and junk or simply want to offer the neighbour children something a little different this year, try one of these 5 Eat-Clean alternatives to Halloween candy:
1. Glow sticks 2. Mini bottles of water, natural fruit juice boxes or coconut water juice boxes 3. Sunflower seeds 4. Root vegetable chips or coconut chips 5. Sugar-free gum
For the traditionalists out there, try handing out individually wrapped squares of quality dark chocolate that are a fantastic, cleaned up alternative to the tiny chocolate bars found in the jumbo-sized, assorted “value packs” by the big manufacturers. Dark chocolate is (nutritious – your little guys don’t care about this but you do) and so delicious, no Halloween character will be able to resist.
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Remember, I’m always listening Tosca
PS. The best fun the kids ever had with me at Halloween, was when they scared me with a massive and very real looking tarantula that you could pump air into to make it jump. We were eating our pre trick or treating dinner and the little monkeys put the spider on my shoulder, then made it jump. When I turned to look I screamed out loud and continued to do so until I realized it was fake. The kids were howling, they thought it was so funny.