MoSistas, listen up! It’s that hairy time of year again when our men sport a mustache for a good cause and while they have an important task to grow facial hair, we too must pitch in to help. The deal is, our men matter, hairy or not and the point of forgetting where the razor is for a month is to raise awareness about men’s health - all matters relating to men’s health!
MoSistas can provide love and support for their hairy counterparts by encouraging the men in their lives - brothers, uncles, fathers, sons, grandpas and all other males - to let their facial hair grow in, starting on November 1st. Display your fierce pride when your man grows an interesting mustache like the Rock Star, Connoisseur, Trucker or After Eight. Hmmm. I like the sound of the After Eight. Do you have a favourite?
When the Movember movement first started, the focus was about prostate cancer. Now it has embraced other concerns like testicular cancer and most recently, men’s mental health. Along with these issues, the cause has launched a new initiative called “MOVE” which, not surprisingly, encourages men to move. As a MoSista my job is to use the mustache to stimulate conversations about getting men out there, moving and sweating. Let’s get stimulated then.
MoSistas can lead the way. Our Eat Clean sisterhood is unstoppable - you love to work out, rarely skip out on a date with the gym and look amazing. For every one of you out there, it’s time to set the example and beg your honey to come along. Plan a bike ride, a hike, a sweat session, go surfing, hit the driving range together but plan some kind of physical activity to get each other sweating. I can think of a few ideas myself…
With the emphasis on all aspects of health, including mental and sexual, let’s renew our plan to Eat Clean. Tell the love of your life that if he wants to enjoy healthy, happy sex he will have to cut out sugar and go clean. Sorry fellas but the first thing that goes when your blood sugar levels are out of control is your erection. That’s because sugar contributes to damaging the inside of your blood vessels diminishing circulation. After too many sodas and pastries, just when you need things to go up, they go down.
And while we are on the subject of your sex, think on this. For those MoBros who are overweight, it might interest you to know “that for every 40 pounds of weight they lose, they gain an extra inch of penis,” this according to my friend Dr. Lars Thompson who runs a busy urology practice both in Canada and the US. His other caution is “that whether or not they lose a day of life for each cigarette they smoke, they probably give up an erection! The same goes for every candy bar and plate of French fries eaten.” (from the Eat Clean Diet for Men). Um, pretty sobering advice guys.
Let’s ratchet up (no pun intended) our sexy selves by enjoying clean foods, working out 3 - 4 times per week and having fun with MoSistas. When our relationships are strong, science proves we feel a greater sense of well being. And for every 30 minutes spent exercising with your Max Heart Rate at 70% or greater, you build powerful new blood vessels in the brain, enhance levels of feel good chemicals in the brain - endorphins and serotonin. Scientists have found such exercise is as effective if not more so than Prozac, with no ill side effects.
Feeling happier, sexier and stronger is as near as your closest gym and your next plate of clean food. Oh and let’s not forget your favourite MoSista - I've donated, help me support Movember too by making a donation. We love you guys. Bring on the moustaches!
Love and hairy hugs, Tosca
PS. Want to kick up your libido? I know you do. Take the 7 Day Broccoli Challenge to boost circulation and drive. Eat 1 cup of broccoli per day - that’s you and your partner honey - and do that for a week. Make plans for a very busy weekend. Broccoli contains more vitamin C in a 1 cup serving than the same sized glass of orange juice. Bring along the coconut oil for the perfect personal lubricant too. Have fun!
Oh by the way, here’s a vitamin C loaded Libido Boosting Shake just to help things along ...
Throw in a blender: 1 Kiwi, peeled 1/4 cup Cantaloupe chunks Juice of 1 Orange Handful Fresh Strawberries 1 Tbsp Wheat Germ (contains precursor to testosterone in a powerful vitamin E form) 12 Raw Walnuts (loads of zinc, great for healthy sperm) 1 1/2 cups Coconut Water
Blend it all until it becomes smooth, adding more water or ice if too thick.