So much going on and it's only November 4th. For now the purpose of this short, but important blog is two-fold.
Some of you have started your "No Sugar November" and Mama T is so proud of you! Make sure you check-in at the Kitchen Table for added support from others who are doing this with you or have had success doing their first challenge back in July when I introduced #StrikeSugar. I've been listening and I know some of you are finding it difficult to get started on striking sugar completely from your diets. Believe me - you must!!
As a mini challenge to get you moving towards striking sugar, I offer you this instead: 1 WEEK MENU OF EAT CLEAN RECIPES. I've outlined Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner. Download, print and follow this for 1 Week to ease into No Sugar November. I can hear your excitement - share your thoughts and progress with me right here.
The second reason for my inspired menu is to celebrate The American Heart Association’s annual National Eating Healthy Day tomorrow. Healthy Eating and Clean Eating are synonymous for me and as such I wanted to offer all of you an easy-to-follow meal plan for the week.
Let's get started! Tosca