Monday, November 10 6:00 am: Wake up, smell roses.  No! Hydrate!  Still in pj’s, hair in reverse mullet.  Reach for Blender Bottle filled with lemon juice, water and USS (unrefined sea salt).


6:30 am: Shot espresso necessary to rev up energy + 2 dates and dollop of raw, natural almond butter.  Need energy for workout.  Going to run so put coconut oil on lips.  Cold weather hard on them.  Coconut oil delicious too!  Can eat while I run.  LOLs.


7:00 am: Oops! Cleverly avoid large dog present – okay dog, no more quinoa for you! Davidson very antsy.  Must walk dog now or more presents.  Speaking of which ….


7:05 am: Pull on leggings, running shirt, shoes and dog –  dog goes in car. Drive to trail and start.  See something interesting.  Beavers making dam.  Um, live in Canada, okay. Dog goes crazy.  Beaver goes crazy.  Time to start running.


8:15 am: Run/walk is over. Feel great.  Davidson tired too. Head home for morning refuel. Make sautéed spinach, rapini and asparagus.  Two whole eggs on top.  Love veg for breakfast.


9:20 am: Showered, shaved and shiny, ready to work.  Make Chaga mushroom tea and settle in.  Phone rings – could I do quick interview for women’s magazine?


“What’s my idea of a superfood?” editor asks.

I say, “Are you familiar with chocolate?”  Big time superfood this year.  Another reason to eat more.

Other superfood is coconut oil. Put cocoa and coconut oil together – tah dah! Magic.  That recipe in new Superfood ebook.  You’ll see.


10:00 am: Was writing Clean Eating column about spices – turmeric is superfood. Eat it, cook it, put it on your body. Fixes everything, even arthritis.


10:30 am: Glute workout made me hungry – used glutes in my run. Must have protein.  Scoop protein powder, tbsp coconut oil, tbsp flax seed, cup spinach, hand full blueberries, coconut water – whizzzz it up in VitaMix. Muscle building on the way.


1:30 pm: Stomach says time to eat again.  Use kelp noodles and make super nom Pad Thai – so easy! No cooking.  Tahini makes dressing tangy.  Stomach says “thank you!”  BTW, recipe in new Superfood book too.


3:00 pm: Second workout – training intense – this time weights.  Every rep and set for butt building.  If it doesn’t hurt, can’t wear a short skirt.  Keep that thing up there girls!!  Loaded water hydrates me as sweat makes puddle by feet.  Loaded H2O = USS + H2O + LJ.


6:30 pm: Long day!  Load up on protein with wild salmon and veg baked in parchment. Zap with parsley. Zing with garlic, onion.  Zoom with leafy greens.  Zo delish!


9:00 pm: Make a cuppa with Nighty Night and Smoothe Move Tea.  Go ahead and laugh – it works. So tired.  Tomorrow butt will hurt.  More turmeric tomorrow will make it better.  Like the hurt – know I worked.


10:00 pm: Nite nite! Much to be grateful for - especially the courageous vets we honour tomorrow on Remembrance Day.